Shattered Hearts

Kyla and Tyler’s story continues in Shattered Hearts, the second book in the Hearts Trilogy. This is not a standalone.

It was one secret. One lie. I should have told Tyler the truth, but our dreams were headed in different directions. I thought I had time, now everything is crumbling around me.

I’m haunted by regret with no redemption. Life continues to punish my shattered heart. Everything I did, I did for us.

We’ve tried to work it out, but some wounds are too deep to heal. Moving on without Tyler seems impossible. I have no choice but to try, even though half my heart is missing.


It was one night. One mistake. It changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. Kyla made decisions for us she had no business making.

My new reality doesn’t include her. There’s no shortage of girls who want to be with the QB. I barely look at their faces. I just need to erase her from my memory. As long as they don’t have green eyes, I’m good to go.

My football career is on a fast track and the women love me. It’s every guy’s dream, and I’m living it. I should be basking in the glory, but my shattered heart refuses to heal. Kyla still holds a piece of it.

Kyla and Tyler’s story concludes in Reviving My Heart, the third book in the Hearts Trilogy.

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