Shattered Hearts

Hearts Series Book 2

Kyla~ One secret. One lie. Can he forgive me? Or will this be the end of us?

Tyler~ One night. One mistake. Can she forgive me? Or will this be the end of us?

As Kyla’s life spirals out of control, she desperately seeks the one thing that can hold her together. Her lies continue to haunt her, and it seems there is no redemption. She’s searching for something to be right again and finally she’s found it. But is it really what she needs or is she just grasping at anything to find happiness?

As Tyler comes to terms with reality, he desperately seeks anything that can hold him together. His mistakes haunt him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to erase her from his memory. He’s searching for something to ease his pain and seeks it in all the wrong places. When he realizes what he truly needs, will it be too late because he’s pushed her too far?

Their hearts have been shattered and their lives forever changed. Only time will tell if they can put the pieces back together. Kyla’s and Tyler’s story continues as they face the destruction they have brought upon themselves.

Note: You must read “Hearts on Fire”, before reading this book. This is not a standalone.

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