Reviving My Heart

Hearts Series Book 3

Kyla~ I’ve been through hell. There are two things I want. Revenge and Tyler.

Tyler~ I know I’ve made mistakes. There’s only one thing I want. Kyla. She’s my heart.

Kyla’s been damaged beyond recognition. Her life is in turmoil. She wants to be normal, but she doesn’t even know what that is anymore. She struggles to overcome her past and build a future for herself, but all she can think about is revenge. Kyla knows what she must do to find happiness. But when all her secrets are revealed, she wonders if Tyler will even want her anymore.

Tyler’s got one goal: get Kyla back. Loving her was the easiest thing he’s ever done.  She’s beautiful, but she’s a beautiful mess. Everything he thought he knew, is rocked to the core, as Tyler learns the truth about her. She’s a vault full of secrets he never knew existed. He can either run, or help her learn how to trust again and heal. He’s not a quitter, but everyone has their limits.

Can Kyla and Tyler overcome their pasts and move forward, or is it too much? Kyla’s struggling to survive, while Tyler’s trying to deal with everything he’s learned along the way. They both believe destiny exists, but right now, happily ever after seems like a distant dream.

Kyla and Tyler’s story concludes as they face their past, present, and future. Can they have a future when all is revealed? Can they be each other’s every breath and every heartbeat or will their pasts continue to haunt them? They will find the answers as they try to revive their hearts.

Note: You must read “Hearts on Fire” and “Shattered Hearts”, before reading this book. This is not a standalone.

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