Reviving My Heart

Kyla and Tyler’s story concludes in Reviving My Heart, the third and final book in the Hearts Trilogy.

I’ve been through hell. I am not what I was before. When you’ve lost everything, what else is there to lose?

I’ve been damaged beyond recognition. As I struggle to find myself again, there’s a shadow hanging over me. I’ll risk everything to find peace and put my past to rest.

Now Tyler wants back in my life, but I’m still keeping secrets. When he finds out all I’ve been hiding, I won’t blame him if he walks away again. Happily ever after seems like a distant dream.


I’ve made mistakes and broken promises. My football career is in the tank. All those sacrifices I made? Kyla shouldn’t have been one of them.

Loving her was the easiest thing I’ve ever done, and I want back what we had. She should have been my first priority, but I turned my back on her when she needed me most.

Everything I thought I knew is rocked to the core. She’s a vault full of secrets I never knew existed. She keeps pushing me away as I try to pull her closer. Kyla might not be able to see our future, but I see it perfectly clear.

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