Hearts on Fire

Hearts Series Book 1

First love is like fire. It flickers in the beginning, then blazes to life. It engulfs the soul and consumes it. The beauty of the flames blind. Being entranced by the light and the heat, you forget how easy it is to get burned, and your heart, incinerated.

Kyla’s a hopeless romantic and the classic good girl next door. She wants it all… the butterflies in her stomach, the stars in her eyes, the head over heels kind of love. She’s convinced it’s out there somewhere, but hasn’t found it yet. She’s always played it safe and has protected her innocence, until she meets him.

Tyler’s the new kid on the block and a superstar athlete. Starting at a new high school his senior year wasn’t in his plan. His only goal is to play college football and hopefully go pro. Football is what he lives for. He’s dreading his senior year and starting over, until he meets her.

It was love at first sight, but can it last? As Kyla’s and Tyler’s lives move in different directions, they face the uncertainty of a future that could rip them apart. They’re madly in love and desperate to stay together, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and love isn’t enough.

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