Wild Hearts Released!

The first part of Chris and Tori’s story, Wild Hearts, has been released on Amazon kindle. I am very excited about their story. These two characters are both fierce and witty. Here is a sneak peek at the prologue:

Wild Hearts

Once in a lifetime.
Some of us are lucky enough to find it.
That special person who completes you.
The one you’d do anything for.
The other half of your heart.
Your kindred spirit.
Your mirror.

And in one weak moment,
You shatter your mirror.
Break it into a million pieces.
You destroy it.

After the pieces have fallen,
You look at yourself in the shattered remains.
And you barely recognize the person looking back at you.
Because without her,
You are nothing.

Buy it today: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y672KPL

Wild Hearts Cover Image

Published by sabrinawagnerauthor

Sabrina Wagner lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She writes sweet, sassy, sexy romance novels featuring alpha males and the strong women who challenge them. Her books include The Hearts Series and the spin-off, Forever Inked Novels. Sabrina believes true friends should be treasured, a woman’s strength is forged by the fire of affliction, and everyone deserves a happy ending. She enjoys spending time with her family, walking on the beach, worshiping the sun and of course, reading. Sabrina is a hopeless romantic and knows all too well life is full of twists and turns, but the bumpy road is what leads to our true destination.

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