Sin and Salvation

Sin & Salvation is a Forever Inked standalone.

She loved him. He resented her. Now they share more than a past… they’re sharing an apartment.

My entire love life was a string of disasters. Now that I was turning thirty, my mother expected me to marry a respectable man and start a family.

But when my impending engagement blew up in my face, I fled his lavish condo and moved into an apartment above the Forever Inked tattoo parlor.

I was shocked to find my first love standing in the kitchen signing his own lease for the place.

Elias was the only man I never got over… the preacher’s son.

Sometimes salvation came as a second chance.


I hadn’t been home in almost fifteen years. I left everything behind, including the girl who betrayed me.

I’d have never come back if it weren’t for my ailing father. Luckily, I found a job and an apartment at Forever Inked.

Just as I was signing my name on the lease, a blue-eyed angel walked in carrying her whole life in a few boxes. Roxy was every sin you could imagine wrapped in a beautiful package. A temptress who’d destroyed me.

I’d evicted her from my heart, now I had to evict her from my apartment.

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