Secrets of the Heart

Hearts Series Book 5

One kiss. That’s all it took…to convince Tori Chris was cheating… to cause an awful accident, that put them both in the hospital… for Chris to lose his football scholarship… for Tori to run. One kiss was all it took to destroy everything.

As Tori and Chris try to rebuild their relationship, they have difficulty maneuvering around the obstacles standing in their way. Tori doesn’t know if she can ever fully trust Chris, while Chris tries to convince her she’s the only one for him now and forever. He is determined to unlock her heart to let him in. With certainty, Chris knows they are destined to be together and he’s not willing to let anything stop that from happening.

But, fate can be twisted. It throws one roadblock after another in front them: a diagnosis that could tear them apart, a night of debauchery gone bad, an unplanned pregnancy. Their whole relationship is based on a web of powerful secrets. Secrets from each other. Secrets from their friends. Secrets from their families. They keep their secrets locked up tight in their hearts. They pretend their indiscretions don’t exist.

But as Chris and Tori discover, secrets rarely stay buried. All it took was one loose thread for their lies to begin unraveling. Chris and Tori must face the consequences of all the betrayals, hopes, dreams, and disappointments they’ve kept hidden. Their worst fear is once their secrets are revealed, their lives will come crashing down around them.

Note: You must read “Wild Hearts”, before reading this book. This is not a standalone.

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