Eternal Hearts

Chris and Tori’s story concludes in Eternal Hearts, the third book in the Wild Hearts Trilogy. It is not a standalone and was formerly part of the book Secrets of the Heart (Hearts Series).

Marrying Tori in Vegas was impulsive and reckless. Also, the best decision I’ve ever made. With everything we’ve gone through, I couldn’t wait another day to make her mine.

Keeping it a secret is killing me. I want to scream it from the rooftops that the girl of my dreams is my wife. We’re keeping the biggest secret of our lives from everyone we know.

Our parents think we’re too young to understand true love. They’re wrong. I knew the first time I kissed her, Tori would be mine until eternity.


I have no regrets about marrying Chris, but the lying is eating me alive. Our parents wanted us to wait until after college. In usual fashion, we refused to listen.

Now they’re planning a huge wedding for us, and no one can know we’ve already tied the knot. We’ve got so many secrets between us, I’ve lost count.

It’s only a year. But secrets rarely stay buried.

No matter what happens, Chris owns my heart. Even if the world burns down around us, nothing can tear us apart.

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